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Follow the same trading methodology as a
bank's foreign exchange market making
operations. The foreign exchange trading desk of a bank
can operate for hundreds of years and remain profitable because
it’s run like a business. Sound inventory management is key.

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Orderbook offers copy trading service with
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We focus on

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Orderbook seek to offer strategies that achieve smaller monthly with higher certainty.


Winning bank trading strategies.

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About orderbook

Orderbook is a firm formed by a team of ex-banking professionals with institutional trading background.

We seek to offer on Orderbook's copy trading platformwinning trading strategies of different strategy managers for bitcoin and forex based on bank market making strategies.

All results at Orderbook are backed by verified and transparent published statements.

Orderbook is a part of the Finext Eastern Bank Group. Finext Eastern Bank (FEB) is a fully-licensed financial institution in the Commonwealth of Dominica, with a full & offshore banking license (reg no 2013/C2892).

We’re Passionate
about the secrets of successful trading.

Ivan, Director

Trading is a business

At Orderbook,
we focus on a strategy called

“market making”.

Similar to a bank market making, the trading strategies trade in the opposite direction of the trend knowing price is certain to revert. The key to ensure profitability is to trade in smaller sizes, know how to identify supply/demand levels and manage inventory (positions) professionally. 

Bitcoin or currencies that were bought are viewed as asset inventories that held for sale in future and not a losing trade when price fell. This approach allows  trading to be done in terms of business liquidity. As long as a business have healthy cash flows, it will survive and do well in the long term. Trading as a business is our approach.

Some of the Strategies employ


Strategies that scales into trades with volatility and adjust trade sizes in anticipation of reversion in prices.

If the objective is to achieve monthly returns with higher certainty.  Martingale could gives us that. Orderbook specialise in looking for strategy managers that employs some martingale in their trading. Martingale is an act of increasing risks to some, but it is a strategy to increase the odds of winning as well.  The key factor to proper utilization is  to apply it like a business.